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iTabbar : iPhone - Android Simulator

About the simulator

  • Test your iPhone/Android web applications fullscreen on this web browser based simulator. This tool was made to test web app and has been tested and working using Internet Explorer 7, FireFox 2 and Safari 3.
    However, iTabbar, jQtouch andiScroll are made for mobile and for testing purpose only work on these desktop browser, Chrome and Safari.
-- Click mobile icons to choose mobile device frame
- Test iTabbar lattest demo (RSS Reader with YQL, Twitter, Flickr photos, youtube video)
- Test iTabbar IOS 6 (CSS3 IOS 6 look and feel)
- Basic Twitter demo (api call for some users and search Twitter)

Other example to test any Mobile website (Nothing to do with iTabbar)
- Toronto Sun example (*only the first mobile page may work)
- MSNBC mobile example (*only the first mobile page may work)

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* Add browser scroller: If you test with iScroll, do not select the browser scroller
* Mobile version:Beta - Show only the first mobile version page - May be slow - May not work.